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Change Comes to America

July 5, 2017
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Houston Community College, Office of Entrepreneurial Initiatives Team.

Immigrants change countries. They do this in two ways. As new arrivals, they bring different ways and they have babies.

The babies the new arrivals have will determine the future. They are having more children than the people who have been here for generations.

Houston, Texas is a city where great change is taking place. Experts say it is the most diverse big city in the country. The city is going from being majority white to being majority non-white. That is if you count all Hispanics as part of the non-white population.

Whites are now Anglos. Anglos are the not black, not Hispanic and not Asian people.

Houston is part of the influx of Mexicans. Many crossed the border into the U.S. without papers. Many came as visitors and students who then did not leave when their visas expired.

In the last twenty-five years, Mexicans here without papers have moved to all parts of the country. America wants to deport many of them. But the program is too little and too late. Most of them have been here for more than ten years. Because their children were born in America, the children are American citizens.

The number of Mexicans trying to cross the border into the U.S. without permission has dropped. It is now near zero. If things stay this way, that will be the end of the controversy over these immigrants. The undocumented already in the U.S. will have aged. Their children will be legal voters. It will not be popular or wise to throw old people out of the country.

That America is a changing country is a reality. But new colors do not mean things are different. The Hispanic immigrant newcomers have less money than the Anglos. They have less schooling. In many ways, they face the same challenges as black Americans. This means that jobs, schools, and housing will remain the top issues.

What about the people left out of the new trends in population? The number of white Americans is dwindling. But problems such as opioid and heroin addiction are growing. Their future in the job market is another problem.

The trend in America is in favor of the educated and the skilled. Not all jobs will need a college degree. But they will need people who can do the work. The auto mechanic needs to become the computer technician.

The battles that make the news will be political or local. Building housing for the lower income in affluent areas of Houston is one issue. The rich moving into lower income neighborhoods in New York is another type of challenge.

People are always the real engine that creates change. That is America on this Fourth of July Independence Day. America’s future is messy, but it is also promising.

Resource: VOA Learning English July 3, 2017

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