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South Africa: The Moment for a Reset is Now

February 19, 2018
Plain English Version

Years ago, South Africa was a nation in apartheid. A white minority controlled the lives of a black majority. It was an evil system and the world condemned it. One result was that nations and companies stopped doing business with

Gaza Strip Plunging into a New Crisis

February 14, 2018
Plain English Version

Gaza is a strip of land just southwest of Israel and northwest of Egypt.  Both countries control their borders with Gaza. The Mediterranean Sea borders Gaza on the west. For most of its history, Gaza has been a home for

Democracy is Dying in Hungary

February 12, 2018
Plain English Version

Democracies can destroy themselves. How can this happen? The destruction can begin with elections. First, a party with a certain view of the world takes power by election.

It happened in Venezuela and Turkey. Vladimir Putin of Russia came

When Governments Give a Little, the People Want More

February 7, 2018
Plain English Version

There is an old saying about the “revolution of rising expectations.” It means that loosening restrictions whets the appetite of people for “more.”

This can enrage the enforcers of religious doctrine. It can affect nationalists who want a return to

Shifting Chess Pieces in the Middle East

February 5, 2018
Plain English Version

The area of conflict in Northern Sinai is circled

Israel has few friends in the Middle East. Most Arab governments support the rights of Palestinians who live in the West Bank of Israel. They say Israel is a nation occupying

World Economy a Cause for Some Optimism

January 29, 2018
Plain English Version

(Refrain from an old song.) “There’s nothing surer… the rich get rich, and the poor get poorer…”

Maybe things are changing a bit.

The first part of the song is still true. In good times and bad, the rich get

Global Trade War Underway?

January 24, 2018
Plain English Version

President Trump faced an old problem. Some people said some products made in foreign countries were better and cheaper than goods made in America.

The easy solution is to make better and cheaper products in this country. That part is

North Korea on notice

What Happens When You Talk About War

January 17, 2018
Plain English Version

A conventional war. Military experts say North Korean forces will pour into the South to choke off the Seoul. The U.S. forces are expected to mobilize in full force.

U.S. presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama, tried to deal with North

Israel and the Palestine Territories: What is the Future?

January 15, 2018
Plain English Version

The light rail system in Jerusalem, serving Arabs and Israelis.

American President Donald Trump declared Jerusalem the capital of Israel. It is the capital of Israel. But no other country ever was willing to say it is the capital. 


Is North Korea Caving? Or is it Cunning?

January 3, 2018
Plain English Version

Kim Jong-un New Year's speech Photo Credit: Lee Jin-Man AP/Images

Kim Jong-un is the leader of North Korea. He wants his country to have a nuclear weapon that can reach the United States. He believes that will make the rest


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