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Cape Town in South Africa Will Run Out of Water on April 12, 2018

January 31, 2018
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After years of drought and mismanagement, Cape Town faces a true disaster. The mayor calls April 12, 2018 ‘Day Zero.’

Cape Town will soon run out of water. It will be the first major city on the planet to

Israel and the Palestine Territories: What is the Future?

January 15, 2018
Plain English Version

The light rail system in Jerusalem, serving Arabs and Israelis.

American President Donald Trump declared Jerusalem the capital of Israel. It is the capital of Israel. But no other country ever was willing to say it is the capital. 


Book Claims That U.S. President is a ‘Child’

January 8, 2018
Plain English Version

A woman in a bookstore. Photo Credit: NY Daily News

A new book about Donald Trump tells a story that is scaring people. The name of the book is “Fire and Fury,” by Michael Wolff. It is already a number-one

Black People and the ‘Vegan Way’

December 1, 2017
Plain English Version

The Baltimore Vegan SoulFest is one of several gatherings dedicated to vegan food, as interpreted by African-American cooks. This event is held in August each year on the campus of Baltimore City Community College. Photo Credit Courtesy Nate Pesce for


America’s Sex Scandal

November 15, 2017
Plain English Version

Women are demonstrating against exploitation.

Did sex scandals begin with Bill Clinton? In 1992, Gennifer Flowers said Clinton had relations with her while married. Paula Jones said Clinton harassed her sexually when she was an Arkansas state employee. President Clinton …

Nobel Prize in Physics: Einstein Was Right!

October 6, 2017
Plain English Version

HEART OF THE MATTER An illustration of the supermassive black hole at the center of the Milky Way. PHOTOGRAPH BY NRAO, AUI, NSF

Every year the Swedish Academy gives out the Nobel Prizes. The award categories include medicine, physics, chemistry,


Las Vegas, an American Sniper and the American Constitution

October 4, 2017
Plain English Version

The automatic rifles used by the mass killer in Las Vegas.

Q. What does the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution do?

A. It is a few sentences in the Constitution. They let a madman kill and wound hundreds of

Debate About Trump: Why Does He Do It?

September 25, 2017
Plain English Version

Tom Brady locked arms with teammates during the national anthem before the game against the Houston Texans on Sunday. Credit Steven Senne/Associated Press.

Most Americans love to sing the National Anthem at ball games. For one reason, it means the

Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Fires – Is the End Coming?

September 11, 2017
Plain English Version

A partially collapsed hotel in Mexico on Friday. photo credit: Felix Marquez/Associated Press

It is not that the Middle East is quiet. It is just that this hemisphere is going through a wild period.

The real news is the actions

Singapore: Where Languages Compete With One Another

August 28, 2017
Plain English Version

Sign in Singapore.

Singapore became a nation in 1965. The Prime Minister was Lee Kuan Yew. He spoke English. He rarely spoke Mandarin. He thought a person could master only one language.

Singapore is more than a thousand miles


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