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Shifting Chess Pieces in the Middle East

February 5, 2018
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The area of conflict in Northern Sinai is circled

Israel has few friends in the Middle East. Most Arab governments support the rights of Palestinians who live in the West Bank of Israel. They say Israel is a nation occupying

If the War on Terror is Over is the Next War Beginning?

January 22, 2018
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Defense Secretary Jim Mattis waits for the arrival of Singapore's Defense Minister Ng Eng Hen to the Pentagon, Wednesday, April 5, 2017. Photo Credit: AP Photo/Cliff Owen.

The American Secretary of Defense says, "yes."

The invasion of Iraq by America

Did Russia Try to Help Donald Trump Become President?

December 4, 2017
Plain English Version

Hillary Clinton; Vladimir Putin; Donald Duck (Credit: AP/Andrew Harnik/Richard Shiro/Reuters/Ivan Sekretarev/Salon)

It is a question on the minds of many. If Russia tried to help Trump, how did they do it? Were they successful? Was Russia for Trump or against

On U.S. Labor Day, September 4, 2017

World News Roundup

September 4, 2017
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Refugees on the road to Bangladesh. CreditAdam Dean for The New York Times

The Rohingya are a Muslim community. They live in Myanmar where the majority religion is Buddhist. For many years the Rohingya have been subject to …

Change Comes to America

July 5, 2017
Plain English Version

Houston Community College, Office of Entrepreneurial Initiatives Team.

Immigrants change countries. They do this in two ways. As new arrivals, they bring different ways and they have babies.

The babies the new arrivals have will determine the future. They are …

May 19, 2017
Plain English Version

Turkey’s Erdogan Bring His Police State to Washington

The Turks just voted dictatorial powers to the next Turkish president. Who is that next president likely to be?

Demonstrators hostile to Erdogan were …

Add Brazil to Governments in Crisis

May 1, 2017
Plain English Version

People broke down a barrier during a protest against Brazil’s president, Michel Temer on Friday. Photo Credit Paulo Whitaker/Reuters

Brazil is in the middle of a crisis Their problem is how to pay for everything.

Brazil and other countries such …

The French Election: A Big Deal

April 25, 2017
Plain English Version

Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen.
Photo credit: Capture d'écran / TF1

Is the future of Europe at stake in the French election for President? Election day is May 7, 2017.

One candidate is Marine Le Pen. She is anti-Muslim …

Tips for Teachers

April 19, 2017
Plain English Version

Treatment of Detainees About to Get Worse

Undocumented immigrants are not in detention centers because they have committed a crime. Why are they in detention centers? [They do not have proper papers to be in the U.S. Most are awaiting

Tips for Teachers

April 18, 2017
Plain English Version

Democracy Loses in Turkey

What are some of the new powers the next Turkish President will be able to use? [He will be able to issue decrees, to appoint the judges who will review his decisions and to control the


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