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Why Your Pay is not Going Up

February 21, 2018
Plain English Version


Most people work for wages. They work for money-making companies that want to make more money. One way for a company to make more money is to pay its workers less.

Companies view their success by how big their

World Economy a Cause for Some Optimism

January 29, 2018
Plain English Version

(Refrain from an old song.) “There’s nothing surer… the rich get rich, and the poor get poorer…”

Maybe things are changing a bit.

The first part of the song is still true. In good times and bad, the rich get

Global Trade War Underway?

January 24, 2018
Plain English Version

President Trump faced an old problem. Some people said some products made in foreign countries were better and cheaper than goods made in America.

The easy solution is to make better and cheaper products in this country. That part is

Did Donald Trump Betray Steelworkers?

December 25, 2017
Plain English Version

What a Bethlehem Steel Plant looked like at its peak.

Some steelworkers who voted for Donald Trump face a surprise. Steelworkers in Conshohocken, Pa. are losing their jobs. Their plant is laying off most of its workers.

It seems that

Farms and Factories: Europe’s Search for (Cheap) Labor

December 18, 2017
Plain English Version

A Foxconn factory in Pardubice, Czech Republic. Photo Credit: Milan Bures for The New York Times

Wages are what employers pay to their workers. The less they pay the workers, the more the employers profit for themselves. It is the

America Pulling Up the Welcome Mat

November 22, 2017
Plain English Version

It will not be easy to work in America.

Fewer foreign tourists and students are coming to America. And that is only the beginning.

Many people want to come to America. Most of the time, most of the people who

For China, ‘Iran is at the Center of Everything’

July 26, 2017
Plain English Version

A modern "Silk Road" stretching across Asia.

The idea of ‘America First’ does not impress the world. It is giving other countries the chance to fill the gap left by President Trump’s bombast. For example, Trump is tearing up trade

Made in America Week? There are No Maids in America. What?

July 24, 2017
Plain English Version

Donald Trump's resort, Mar a Largo, cannot find U.S. workers to serve its guests.

There are three hundred and twenty-five million people in America. Donald Trump cannot find any of them to fill some jobs at his fancy resort in …

Is President Trump Good For Business?

July 17, 2017
Plain English Version

Donald Trump and small business leaders. Duck issues two-for-one regulatory rescission order. Photo: Andrew Harrer / Bloomberg

Most of what you read about President Trump and business is about trade and jobs. He wants trade agreements that favor America. He …

The meaning of the G20 meeting

America in the World

July 12, 2017
Plain English Version

Leader of the G20 nations at Hamburg, Germany

From the end of World War II to today, America and Europe have worked together as partners. The common enemy was Russia. But Russia was not the only reason for the alliance.…


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