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Forget about calories

It is Not How Much You Eat, it is What You Eat

February 23, 2018
Plain English Version

A healthy family eating healthy food.

It is not about calories. It is about the quality of the food you eat. That is the finding of a major new study.

The study found that people who reduce the amount

What to do When the Patient is a Racist

February 16, 2018
Plain English Version

Dr. Ashira Blazer says a patient once asked her to prove her literacy. PHOTO:

A woman walked into the emergency room (ER) with her sick daughter. She demanded to see a doctor.

Evidence and Common Sense: Do Not Drink While Pregnant

February 9, 2018
Plain English Version

Extreme Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder.

If drinking can make you drunk, what does it do to the baby (fetus) growing inside you? It may do great harm.

Study after study warns of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD). That is the

Beating Your Addiction to Sugar

February 2, 2018
Plain English Version

What an addiction to sugar looks like.

Sugar is like an addictive drug. That is how your brain responds to sugar. Do not stop eating sugar all at once. Sudden stopping may cause withdrawal symptoms. Symptoms include fatigue, depression, headaches

The Parasite in the Playground

January 19, 2018
Plain English Version

Strays may shed eggs of Toxocara worms, contaminating parks and infecting children. Photo Credit: Gregg Vigliotti for The New York Times

Those stray dogs and cats you see in playgrounds are leaving something behind. They leave roundworms. The technical name

Make Health a Habit

January 12, 2018
Plain English Version

Healthy family eating lunch.

Get some physical activity daily.

Activity reduces many risks to your health. It improves your mental health. Activity is more important than what you eat.

The activity can be simple. It can be making time

To Lose Weight – Wait

January 5, 2018
Plain English Version

Use a clock to help you fast.

To Lose Weight – Wait

Wait to eat that is.

New research confirms that some fasting is the key to weight control.

Experts do not say go on a fast. That is harmful

Healthy Eating in 2018

December 29, 2017
Plain English Version

Healthy food in a bowl.

Dieting is not fun. It does not always work. It does not last. What is another way to manage your weight? Nutritionists call it Healthy Eating.

Here is how to eat healthily and happily.


Where the Germs Are — What You Can Do

December 22, 2017
Plain English Version

Germs are everywhere. They cause colds, flus, and diarrhea. Germs also cause norovirus (vomiting, diarrhea, and stomach cramps), staph, MRSA (bacteria that attack organisms)— and more.

What to do.

Your clothes:

Your clothes...

Venezuela: Guilty of Child Starvation

December 20, 2017
Plain English Version

An 18 day-old infant with severe malnutrition.

The state takes away starving children from their parents. Who will take away starving children from the state?

In Venezuela, it is the government that is starving the children. It is starving them


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