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Tips for teachers

Tips for Teachers

August 21, 2017
Plain English Version

What is Going On With Trump?

The recent march of neo-Nazis and white nationalists in Charlottesville was a march against blacks, Jews, immigrants, and gays. True or false?

The march was “pro” for a group of white people. Who …

Tips for Teachers

August 16, 2017
Plain English Version

A Good Story About America

This year the West Point Captain is Cadet Askew. What is unique about Cadet Askew?

The first black American woman graduated from West Point in …

Tips for Teachers

August 14, 2017
Plain English Version

White Nationalists Riot in Virginia – Where does President Trump Stand?

How is freedom of speech protected in America?

Does the First Amendment give …

Tips for Teachers

August 9, 2017
Plain English Version

Venezuela: Is a Class War Within the Military Underway?

What are some of the negative things now occurring in Venezuela? [People are going to prison for disagreeing with the president. Crime, inflation, and unemployment are rising. Food

Tips for Teacher

August 7, 2017
Plain English Version

China and America: Two Ways of Free Speech

The First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution guarantees Americans the right to free speech. What else does it guarantee?

Chinese internet users have managed …

Tips for Teachers

August 2, 2017
Plain English Version

Venezuela Heads Down the Dark Road to Dictatorship

The people of Venezuela voted on a referendum to draft a new constitution. What was the outcome of the referendum? Was the outcome surprising? [The ruling party won the referendum. The

Tips for Teaches

July 31, 2017
Plain English Version

The North Korean Plan for Victory

North Korea thinks nuclear weapons will make it too powerful for the U.S. to threaten it or engage in nuclear war with it. What do readers think?

Some experts believe North Korea has “a …

Tips for Teachers

July 26, 2017
Plain English Version

For China, ‘Iran is at the Center of Everything’

Many believe the Trump assertion of ‘America First’ is giving other countries the chance to fill the gap left by this “us first” position. True or false?

Some critics wonder …

Tips for Teachers

July 24, 2017
Plain English Version

Made in America Week. There are No Maids in America. What?

Last week was “Made in America” week. What is this event celebrating?

H-2B visas are used for hiring foreign temporary workers. …

Tips for Teachers

July 19, 2017
Plain English Version

Without Papers: Life in America

Advocates say the undocumented are real, they are here and we need to know about them. Others say we should not give an inch on legal status. What do readers think?

 There are millions of …


How Well Does Your Pet See?

Here is another way pets are like people. They can have vision problems. Sometimes the symptoms are easy to detect. Your dog or cat...

New Danger: The Bottom of Your Shoes

Do you take off your shoes when you go into someone’s home? Most Americans do not. It is common practice in Japan and Finland....

New Research: What it Means to Become a Mother

There is even a word that describes it. It is “matrescence.” The matrescence period begins during pregnancy and extends into motherhood. The signs can...

An Immigrant Artist in America

Nari Ward is an artist from Jamaica. He lives and works in a former Harlem fire station.

Nari Ward takes everyday objects – most...


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