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Birth Control Now Available Over the Internet

June 23, 2016
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birth control

You can buy almost anything you want on the Internet. Did you know you could buy birth control?

Doctors are now able to prescribe birth control pills and other contraceptives. They do it through easy-to-use apps. It is legal. It is safe.

Four out of ten pregnancies in the United States occur without planning.  Experts say the number is not going down fast enough. They think the number will decrease if birth control is easier to get.

Getting birth control devices on the Internet creates important pluses. It keeps birth control away from the politicians and groups who oppose the practice. It allows teenage girls and boys to get devices without going through their parents. Birth control users also do not have to go to doctors to get prescriptions.

The Internet companies doing birth control business are trying to be responsible. They ask women questions about their health. They ask questions online or by video. M.D.s and other health professionals write the prescriptions. The prescriptions can be for birth control pills, patches, rings and morning-after pills. Some suppliers will ship contraceptives right to women’s doors.

The apps can accept insurance and Medicaid. Some charge modest fees. Some send prescriptions to local pharmacies. Women can present their insurance information when they arrive at their pharmacy.

There is even a way for women to find the birth control app that is best suited for themLemonaid HealthVirtuwell, and Maven are among the birth control apps.

The app websites have different rules. Some may not serve all the states. Some may have fees. Some serve different age groups. Shopping for the right site is important.

Experts say the apps will make it less embarrassing for young women. Women who are busy at work or who taking care of children will need to spend less time getting birth control.

Source: The New York Times June 19, 2016

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