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Basketball Superstars Announce Where They Will Play

July 20, 2014
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LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony

LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony

The World Cup is over.

It is the middle of the baseball season. Football will not start until the fall. Professional basketball is ever further off. Why are we talking about it?

For one thing, basketball has become an international sport. Popular players come from central Europe, Italy, Africa and China.

Two of the National Basketball Association’s best players have found their teams for the upcoming season. Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James were both free agents, which means they have the right to choose a new team. Many NBA teams tried to sign LeBron and Melo.

This tale has become the biggest U.S. sports story for the last few weeks. It is all the media have talked about.

Carmelo Anthony played for the New York Knicks last year. He played forward for them. There were not many other good players on the team, and they missed qualifying for the playoffs.

One of the main reasons Carmelo wanted to sign with other teams was to get more help. He hasn’t won an NBA championship yet. He’s 30 years old, at the end of his prime.

Neverless, Carmelo signed up again with the Knicks for a 5-year contract. He will receive over 120 million dollars. Phil Jackson, who has won 11 titles as a coach, convinced Carmelo to stay.

Almost everyone agrees that LeBron James is the best player in the NBA. Many think he is one of the greatest of all time. The Cleveland Cavaliers drafted LeBron in 2003. He went to the National Basketball Association Finals once, but the Cavaliers did not win the championship.

LeBron then  went to the Miami Heat, where the team went to four straight Finals and won two championships. Many fans thought LeBron would stay in Miami.

Instead, LeBron chose to go home to Cleveland (he grew up in nearby Akron, Ohio.) LeBron announced the decision on Twitter and Instagram. He joins a talented team with rising superstars like Kyrie Irving and Andrew Wiggins.

It will take a season or more to learn if Carmelo and LeBron made the right decisions.

Source: The New York Daily News July 14, 2014

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