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As Water Levels Recede, Climate Deniers Recede

April 9, 2015
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california_droughtClimate change deniers are facing hard times. Drought in California is not imagined. The governor has declared a water emergency. He is imposing restrictions.

No one is saying the drought is not a problem.

The glaciers are melting in the Canadian West. Experts are saying they could shrink by 70 percent by the end of this century. Experts say this could happen to glaciers throughout the world. They point out that glaciers do not respond to the weather. Glaciers respond to climate. One expert said, “Last year’s bad winter is not going to save the glaciers.”

Conservative groups are now backing off from saying climate change is not happening. They are now going further by stating that mankind is a cause of the problem.

One conservative said, “The real debate is not whether man is contributing to climate change. It is true. Science is settled on that point.”

The big challenge for the former deniers is how to limit carbon emissions. Carbon emissions are the source of energy heating up the atmosphere. The Republican Senate Majority leader is Mitch McConnell of Kentucky. He has encouraged coal companies in his home state to ignore new regulations. In general, Republicans do not like solutions that cost money and may cost jobs.

As corporations accept the idea that climate change is happening, the deniers will be forced to do the same, according to an expert.

This leaves only one argument for deniers. They say if other nations do not join the U.S. in climate control, our efforts will be pointless.

Agreements with China have been made. Other countries, such as India, are still fueling their economic growth with coal-fired plants. All countries agree that climate change is a critical issue.

Source: The Washington Post April 6, 2015

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