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America’s Sex Scandal

November 15, 2017
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Women are demonstrating against exploitation.

Did sex scandals begin with Bill Clinton? In 1992, Gennifer Flowers said Clinton had relations with her while married. Paula Jones said Clinton harassed her sexually when she was an Arkansas state employee. President Clinton survived the scandals.

Now, twenty-five years later, women everywhere are accusing men of using their power to force women to have sex with them. There was the 2016 campaign for president. Donald Trump was on tape bragging about how easily he could have his way with women. Some women accused Trump of harassment. Donald Trump survived the scandals. Then there was a scandal at the Fox News channel. Fox News is a conservative outlet that supports President Trump.

Recently, many women said a Hollywood mogul accosted them sexually. The floodgates opened. Dozens of women named famous stars and show business figures as sexual predators.

Soon, some women in the U.S. Congress told their stories of sexual harassment. Women working in state capitals came forward with details of harassment.

Now a Republican is running for the U.S. Senate in Alabama. He is facing charges of sexual assault.

Something is happening. There are questions. Do the accusations signal a real change is coming? Men use their power for personal satisfaction. Will they stop their misbehavior out of fear? Will they change their ways because they see the light?

Or will it take more women in all walks of life to end the old ways of behaving by some men?

The sex scandals are bringing other things to light. Christian conservatives had high standards for personal behavior. But the majority of evangelical Christians voted for Donald Trump. That includes women. In the Alabama senate race, a woman said a candidate groped her when she was fourteen years of age! Today, most Alabama conservatives still support the candidate.

Liberals are also in trouble. Many in the show business community knew about the misbehavior of stars. They said or did nothing about it.

The sexual abuse accusations are rippling across the land. A sense of moral values seems to be missing in American life. It may be that women rising to defend themselves are the agent that will change the country

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