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American Incomes Sinking

May 4, 2014
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Amer incomeThe American worker is losing ground in the battle for wages. New jobs are paying less since the Great Recession:

  • For workers earning between $9.48 and $13.33 an hour, two million low-wage jobs were lost. The recovery has created nearly four million low-wage jobs. Is this a recovery?
  • For workers earning wages between $13.73 and $20.00 an hour, more jobs were lost than gained.
  • For workers earning between $20.03 and $32.62 an hour, far more jobs were lost than gained.

Over all, wages in the U.S are going down. Is there any good news?

A report shows that the costs of many of the products that people buy are Amer income 1dropping. For example, televisions, phones and computers all cost less now than they did ten years ago.

The expenses that are making it harder for most working families are the costs of childcare, housing, fuel and autos. Even the tools, such as education, that may provide people with higher earning potential are becoming harder to pay for.

Conservatives look at the money taxpayers spend on lower-income families. They do not believe that such aid produces positive changes in the people who get it. Rather, conservatives believe that people bring poor children, addiction, and the lack of job skills on themselves.

Progressives say everything, including a higher minimum wage, housing aid, food stamps and health care, is important. People who need help should get help.

Both sides agree that things are not getting better.

Owning most of the things you want no longer says you are moving up the economic ladder.

Will an economic recovery change things? Experts fear that middle-class jobs might not come back. They say outsourcing and automation are a factor.

Even when the right and left agree about the problem, there is no agreement about solutions.

It may well be that it is up to every man or woman for himself or herself.

Source: The New York Times                                                                                       April 27, 3014

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