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9/24/12 Tips For Teachers

September 24, 2012
Plain English Version

 Both Parties Seeking Educated Immigrants

Not every immigration story is about undocumented individuals. This story talks about the value of science and technology in the politics of immigration.

Discuss with students the value of degrees valued in the market place. Are certain immigrants more valuable than others?

If they had to choose between maintaining the lottery system or this new approach of rewarding the most educated, which would they choose and why?

Getting a green card can be very difficult. Have students speak to their experience or the experience of friends and relatives.

Are there unfamiliar words in this story, for example the House of Representatives and the Senate. How much do students know about how a bill becomes a law?

In the end, is this story about politics, advanced degrees, the legislative process?

District Attorneys Are Working For Bill Collectors

Bill collectors are only paid when they make collections. This leads them to try every trick in the book. They have been known to pressure people in emergency rooms to get money for their clients.

What about this story reminds students of something they or others have gone through. In other words, do they have experience with bill collectors?

What are some of the techniques bill collectors are using to get people to pay? Have they heard of the one described in the story?

Can students describe a “nice” way to collect money from a debtor, or do they accept the idea that it is fair for bill collectors to use every trick they can.

Does this story lead students to change the ways they incur debt or pay for it?

Danger in Some Toys

There is potential danger in everything! Even a small ball.

Whose responsibility is it to protect children, parents or manufacturers? Do students read the fine print on toys – is the print too small or the words to hard to understand.

What should parents do if they are unsure if a toy is safe.

What are the warning signs and what should parents do if they see a child in distress?

Can the students describe any changes they are going to make when looking at toys?

Global Powers Rush to Exploit Arctic Resources

Global warming is going to have great impact on the planet. It will also be a big money maker for nations and companies that can exploit the opportunities.  A Hollywood movie, “There Will Be Blood” dramatically portrayed how the search for oil affects people.

Is this story mostly about:

  • The effects of global warming
  • The competition to make money
  • The politics of the superpowers

What are your reasons for choosing the answer you did?

Who in the class agrees with the answer just given?

Does the story make you feel good or bad about the future with the tradeoff between new energy supplies and the dangers of a warming planet?

What do think you can do to make a difference?


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