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October 28, 2012
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Where Obama and Romney Stand on Immigration

We looked at the party positions on immigration earlier. The candidates were less clear than the platforms during the second debate.

The Platforms show real differences between the parties. At the debate, Governor Romney talked about President Obama’s failure to get immigration reform through the Congress.

What is the difference between policy (the platform) and politics (getting congress to pass a law)?

One answer is that platforms are about ideas and principles. Politics is called “the art of the possible.” A politician can have great ideas, but if he or she cannot get them enacted into law, what is their value?

How do the students decide whom to support in an election? The party? The person? Their idea of which candidate is best for them? What do the students most dislike about the Presidential campaigns?

Are those eligible to vote voting?

Latino Votes Crucial in Three States

What is the electoral vote all about? Why is the number 270 so important? A recent article said:

The winning candidate has to have the most electoral votes. Each state has its own number of electoral voters. It is the number of representatives the state has in the US House of Representatives, plus the two US state Senators.

For years people have debated whether the presidency should be decided by the Electoral College or by a popular vote. The Electoral College gives more weight to the votes of smaller states (by adding the two senators). For example, Wyoming has only one representative, but gets three electoral votes.

What are the views of the students about this?

The story says Hispanic votes may be crucial in three states. It also points out that eligible Latino voters register in lower numbers than the general population and fewer of them vote on election day. Why is this so?

If you lived in Colorado, Florida or Nevada, and were Hispanic would you have more reason to vote on November 6, 2012?

Most Latino voters favor the Democrats. The article talks about the President’s program to offer deferment to youngsters as a reason. What other reasons would students give as to why they might vote for a party or a candidate?

Low-Wage Workers Struggle to Survive

Most of the new jobs in the current economy are in the service sector, which usually pays the lowest wages.

People with college degrees also are also more likely to get jobs and higher wages.

That is the way our system works. Do the students think this is the fair way to decide who gets jobs and at what pay?

What are the workers in Florida doing to improve their working conditions and get higher wages?

Why do some businesses pay some workers less money?

If you worked in a low wage industry, what would you do to make you life better?

Early Warnings About Energy Drinks

Whether it is energy drinks or sugary sodas, there seems to be a problem with what we drink for recreation.

What is the problem? Is it caffeine or sugar? Or is it too much caffeine or sugar?

Do the students monitor what they drink and how much of it they do?

Are five deaths from energy drinks in 3 to 4 years serious enough a problem to justify the government taking action?

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