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The Parasite in the Playground

January 19, 2018
Plain English Version

Those stray dogs and cats you see in playgrounds are leaving something behind. They leave roundworms. The technical name for roundworms is Toxocara.

Microscopic eggs from Toxocara are in the feces of animals. They contaminate yards, playgrounds, and sandboxes.Toxocara particles

North Korea on notice

What Happens When You Talk About War

January 17, 2018
Plain English Version

U.S. presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama, tried to deal with North Korea. Their goal was to keep North Korea from becoming a nuclear power. Today, North Korea may already have nuclear weapons. And it may already be able to hurl...

Israel and the Palestine Territories: What is the Future?

January 15, 2018
Plain English Version

American President Donald Trump declared Jerusalem the capital of Israel. It is the capital of Israel. But no other country ever was willing to say it is the capital. 

His decision has led to a renewed debate about...

Make Health a Habit

January 12, 2018
Plain English Version

Get some physical activity daily.

Activity reduces many risks to your health. It improves your mental health. Activity is more important than...

Trump Says ‘Go Home’ to Thousands of Central Americans

January 10, 2018
Plain English Version

America is an ‘idea’ that goes back a long way. After one hundred and fifty years, America is still the biggest economy in the world.

Book Claims That U.S. President is a ‘Child’

January 8, 2018
Plain English Version

A new book about Donald Trump tells a story that is scaring people. The name of the book is “Fire and Fury,” by Michael Wolff....

Is North Korea Caving? Or is it Cunning?

January 3, 2018
Plain English Version

Kim Jong-un is the leader of North Korea. He wants his country to have a nuclear weapon that can reach the United States. He believes...

It may not last long

Freedom Breaks Out in Iran

January 1, 2018
Plain English Version
Freedom Breaks Out in Iran

By freedom, we mean freedom of expression. In America, it is the right to petition the government. The Constitution protects that right.

Why America Will Not Try to Influence the Russian Election

December 27, 2017
Plain English Version

Russian President, Vladimir Putin, did not like Hillary Clinton. He said she made trouble for him by supporting Russian demonstrators in December...


To Lose Weight – Wait

To Lose Weight – Wait

Wait to eat that is.

New research confirms that...

Healthy Eating in 2018

Dieting is not fun. It does not always work. It does not last. What is another way to manage your...

Where the Germs Are — What You Can Do

Germs are everywhere. They cause colds, flus, and diarrhea. Germs also cause norovirus (vomiting, diarrhea, and...

When Wealth Does Not Bring Health

Poor people in poor countries want to have what rich people in rich countries have. But they say, “Wait, I...


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